How To: Knit a Little Purse

Knit a Little Purse

You'll be so glad to know how to KNIT THIS LITTLE PURSE.  You'll want to make one for everyone you know.  You can start and finish it in a little over an hour.  You can knit it all one color and embellish it with buttons (see photo below) or you can make stripes (as on the video below) or use two colors (as on the photo above).  You can make it in a flat stockinette stitch or something more interesting like the Raspberry Stitch.  Do what you want and just have fun.

How to Knit a Little Purse

 Knit a Little Purse

Step 1 Cast on 67 stitches.

Using a worsted weight yarn (I used Softball Polished Cotton) and a size 8 circular needle, cast on 67 stitches.

Step 2 Mark the beginning.

Place a marker at the beginning of the round.

Step 3 Knit more.

Knit 10 rows (or about an inch).

For the holes for the drawstring *K5, YO, repeat across the round.

Knit for another 3 1/2 inches.

Step 4 Start decreasing.

Start decreasing every 10 stitches.  On the next round, decrease every 8 stitches, then 6, then 4, then 2.

Step 5 Close stitches.

Using a large eye needle pull the remaining stitches through to close.  Cut off the yarn and weave in the tail.

Step 6 Crochet a cord.

Crochet a cord of about 24 inches to weave through the holes.

Knit an I-Cord of about 50 inches if you want to use the purse as a shoulder bag.  Make the I-cord shorter if you don't.  


  • Leave a long enough tail, about 7 inches at each end of the cord to use to sew it onto the body of the purse.
  • If you need I-Cord instructions I have a video on how to do it. You can also check out WonderHowTo's videos on I-cords for assistance.

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You've done it again! Great pattern & video!

so glad you like it. thanks.

this is awesome! i'm so stoked, i've been wanting one of these. i used to have a hemp one but lost it. i need to up my knitting skills cos' they suck. thanks tho, this is a great article/video!

thanks and I hope you'll try making the purse. it's pretty easy.

Judy, you're the best....I love this... I will definitely have to make one or two or three!!!!

thanks, Nina. I hope you enjoy making this purse.

thanks for this video and pattern Judy.. but i wonder abt *K5, YO.. is it K2tog?..btw because this video, i was try my circular needle dor the 1st time.. thanks Judy

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