How To: Knit a long tail cast on

Knit a long tail cast on

Ever wonder how to do the long tail cast on for knitting? Well, wonder no more with this knitting demonstration video! Begin by measuring out a length of yarn for the tail. (Search video "Estimate the length of tail when knitting" on WonderHowTo)

Make a slip knot.

Place the knot on the knitting needle such that the tail is on the side of the needle nearest you and the working yarn is on the side of the needle farthest from you. The yarn on the far side of the needle has a longer way to travel each stitch and you want this to come from the working yarn so you don't use up the tail faster than anticipated.

(I'm right-handed, but you can reverse the hand positions in the instructions below if you are left-handed.)

1. Hold the needle with the slip knot in your right hand. Pinch the forefinger and thumb of your left hand together and move them between the two tails under the slip knot. Capture the tails in the palm of your hand, holding them with your remaining fingers. Spread your thumb and forefinger apart. You now have a diamond shape with the slip knot at the top and the tails held together at the bottom.
2. Bring the top of the diamond down to meet the bottom and notice the two loops formed - one around your thumb and one around your forefinger.
3. Take the tip of the needle under the front of the loop around your thumb. Continue moving the tip of the needle into the center of the loop around your forefinger, and out under the back of this loop, into the center of the loop around your thumb and out under the front of the loop.
4. Now release the ends and gently pull up the tension. You've cast on stitch number two. (The slip knot is the first stitch.)

Repeat steps 1 through 4 until you have cast on the required number of stitches, keeping the tension loose, but as even as possible.

Congratulations! You are know an expert at long tail cast on knitting. Pass this knitting tutorial video on to knitting buddies if you have found it helpful!

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