How To: Knit a shaker rib stitch

Knit a shaker rib stitch

Follow this quick video demonstration to see how to knit a shaker rib stitch. The shaker rib is also known as the half fisherman, and that's because it's not as bulky as the fisherman rib. During this process, you'll even see how you can knit one below, or k1b.

For the 1st row (WS): Knit all stitches.
2nd row (RS): *p1, knit 1 in the stitch below (aka p1, k1b0, repeat - across row (if uneven number of sts end p1).
Repeat row one and two.

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How do you do th is a stitch in a row with a decrease. The decrease row is k1,slip1,knit 2 together and slip the slip stitch over. The next row I'm to k1b into that slip stitch but I keep losing a stitch.

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