How To: Knit socks

Knit socks

Socks may be one of the lamest gifts you could get someone, especially a child… or a boyfriend or girlfriend. But there is one exception… homemade knitted socks. Make these super simple, handcrafted socks for everyone in your family.

You Will Need
* Two size 8 knitting needles
* 4 oz. 4-ply worsted weight yarn
* Measuring tape
* Yarn needle
* 3-4 double-pointed needles (optional)

Step 1: Cast on
Cast on 36 stitches -40 stitches if you're doing men's socks - on one needle.

Use three or four double-pointed needles, spreading out the stitches evenly between them, to avoid a seam.

Step 2: Knit and purl
Knit two stitches, and then purl two stitches. Continue this across the first row, ending with purl two.

Step 3: Repeat
Repeat, alternating knit two, purl two, for each row until the piece measures 15 to 18 inches, or 22 inches for a men's sock.

Step 4: Decrease
Decrease stitches in the next row by knitting two stitches together, then purling two stitches together for the entire row.

Step 5: Cut yarn
Cut the yarn, leaving 36 inches to sew the seam. Thread through the yarn needle.

Step 6: Sew seam
Insert the needle under each of the 18 stitches remaining on the needle. Draw the needle through the stitches a second time and pull the string tight. Then sew the seam together at the back of the sock.

Step 7: Repeat
Repeat the steps for knitting the other sock, or knit both socks at the same time using a second set of needles and yarn to ensure they're the same size.

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