How To: Knit a Spiral Ruffle Scarf

Knit a Spiral Ruffle Scarf

These lovely scarves have different names. I call it the Spiral Ruffle Scarf. It's easy to make and looks great in either a fine or a medium weight yarn. I made mine with softball cotton yarn and size 8 needles. Here are the videos and written directions:

Watch both videos for a demonstration on making the spiral ruffle scarf.

1.  Cast on 17 stitches... or any greater uneven number that can be divided in half plus one.
2.  Row 1: Knit.
3.  Row 2: Knit 2, turn and knit back.
4.  Row 3: Knit 4, turn and knit back.
5.  Row 4: Knit 6, turn and knit back.
6.  Row 5: Knit 8, turn and knit back.
7.  Row 6: Knit all 17 stitches.

How to Knit a Spiral Ruffle Scarf

8.  Repeat rows 2 through 6.

How to Knit a Spiral Ruffle Scarf

Don't worry when it doesn't ruffle right away. It takes a while. Here's what it looks like before it starts to ruffle:

How to Knit a Spiral Ruffle Scarf

9.  When your scarf is at the desired length, bind off.


  • Both ends will form a V shape.

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Best instructions I've seen on knitting this type of scarf. THANK YOU!

I noticed in the video that she is slipping the first stitch, but the written directions do not state that. I'll have to write it down.

This is the BEST instruction on this type of scarf on the internet.... Thanks.. and KUDOS !!

Love this scarf and it seems not that difficult. Besides: thanks a lot for giving us the written instructios as well. I belong to the Guttemberg era and need to read! :) So, many thanks and KUDOS!!!

Can I just ask if u was to use a greater number or stitches do u still just follow as above or would u do more? like here you stop on row 5 with knit 8 then row 6 is knit all stitches would you knit more like knit 10/12 then knit all

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