How To: Knit a winter holiday scarf with your fingers

Knit a winter holiday scarf with your fingers

In need of a cheap present for your budget... learn how to make a homemade gift for any holiday or occasion, or just for your greedy self.

In this video, Sajata-E will show you how to knit a complete scarf using only your fingers. Throw away those knitting needles, because you'll need nothing more than a pair of scissors, some yarn and your hands. You can make this winter scarf as a fun and creative gift for birthdays or holidays, like Christmas.

First, make sure you have clean hands and clipped nails.

Second, choose two different colors of your favorite yarn.

Third, create a slipknot with both yarns together and place it on your left pinky palm side up.

Fourth, while holding the strings together, loop around your fingers once counterclockwise until you reach your pointer finger.

Fifth, lay your strings across your finger from left to right, then pull loops over strings.

Sixth, lay strings across fingers from right to left, then pull loops over strings.

Seventh, repeat steps five and six until you have a scarf long enough to wrap around your neck five or six times.

Finally, to cast off, just take the loop off the pinky finger and place it on the finger next door. Lay your string on the two looped finger and pull both loops over the string. Repeat this step on all fingers until you have one loop remaining. Cut string three inches above and pull through the loop.

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Thank You!
I shall make for my friend!

so glad I found this site for crochet. I have a hint for you for knitting bobbles/popcorn stitches. After you have knitted f/b 3-5 times, and knitted and looped the stitches over the lst stitch leaving you with one stitch, now put this stitch back onto the right hand needle, bring your yarn from back to front, now slip stitch back onto left hand needle, take yarn t the back again and pull really tight, carry on with pattern. This will stop the bobbles/popcorn stitches from disappearing to the back of the work.

I've been googling finger knitting and finally found your site. Such clear instructions! I'm getting my fingers ready right now! Thank you so much!

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