How To: Knit with double pointed needles

Knit with double pointed needles

Have you ever wanted to knit with double pointed needles? Don't be intimidated by them anymore! Follow along in this great how to video, and you'll be on your way in no time! Learn how to knit with double pointed needles: We are starting with forty stitches. Be sure that stitches are divided as evenly as possible. Transfer ten stitches onto to another needle. (Slide the stitches down the needle so they don't fall off). Using another needle, slide another ten stitches to it. Repeat this until all four needles have ten stitches each, leaving the fifth needle free to work with. Note that you can also cast your stitches on the needles by doing it one stitch at a time. (This can be more awkward.) Making sure that the stitches are not twisted, take the fifth needle, knit all the stitches from the first needle, onto the fifth needle. Hold the tail from the cast on, and working yarn, knit a couple of stitches with both of those to connect the yarn from the first needle and the fourth needle. Place your stitch marker so you know where you began your round. Make sure the needle you are working from, is on top of the other needles. Knit the stitches from the second needle. Do the same for the third needle. When you finish with the fourth needle, this will be the end of the round. As a note, if you are just learning, using wooden or bamboo needles will be easier as the yarn will slip on aluminum needles much easier. Come on along and learn how to knit with double pointed needles. The step by step instruction contained in this video are clear and easy to follow! Have fun!

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