How To: Knit with a serenity loom

Knit with a serenity loom

This video demonstrates how to knit with a serenity loom. A serenity loom can produce a blanket up to 10 feet. To start, thread a double loop of thread through a straw. Then use the loop of thread to pull through a piece of yarn. The straw will help you place the yarn around the pegs of the loom easier. Tie a loop around the anchor of the inside of the loom. Then loop completely around each peg, being sure to place the loops in the middle of the pegs consistantly. Wrap as far as you want your project to go, along the inside pegs first. Then reverse your wraps so you have two complete loops on each peg. Take your hook and pull the bottom loop over the top loop and off each peg. The grooves in the pegs will help with this process. Bring your new line of loops down to the middle of the peg. Now you have started to knit with a serenity loom.

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