How To: Knit with Two Strands of Yarn

Knit with Two Strands of Yarn

Sometimes your yarn might be too thin. In that case, it's easy to use two strands of yarn to achieve the thickness you want. There will be other times when you want to add more color to your project. In that case, use two strands of different colored yarn.

  1. Use two strands of yarn, cast on in the normal way.
  2. Knit as usual, always making sure you have two strands of yarn.
  3. Continue knitting until the project is done.
  4. Bind of as usual.
See how I make a scarf with two colors at a time.


  • Using 2 (or more) colors at the same time will produce a tweedy or variegated effect.
  • For further help, please see my articles on How to Cast On or How to Bind Off.

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