How To: Left-hand crochet a Valentine puffy heart

Left-hand crochet a Valentine puffy heart

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a left-hand crochet Valentine's puffy heart. You will need: a size G crochet hook and yarn. Start by working a chain of three then forming a loop and doing a chain one. After this, work 9 single crochets through the center of the ring. Next, do 18 single crochets making the first stitch on a single crochet. Keep doing 18 single crochets around the circle you have created. After this, make one single crochet for a total of 18. The edges will start to curl up after 4 rounds. You will need to make two of these circles, then continue on to make the rest of the heart. After this, attach the two hearts together and use a single crochet to make a triangle shape for the rest of the heart. When finished, you will have a puffy heart for Valentine's Day!

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