How To: Make buttonholes on a knitted-on I-cord

Make buttonholes on a knitted-on I-cord

This video knitting tutorial shows how to attach an I-cord along the right front of a sweater and then work buttonholes into the I-cord. When you come to each marker:
(1) Remove the marker and leave the I-cord stitches on the right-hand needle.
(2) Slip the next 2 stitches from the left needle to the right.
(3) Pass the first stitch over the second stitch.
(4) Slip the next stitch from the left hand needle to the right and bind it off.
(5) Repeat this process until the buttonhole is the desired length, usually specified in the pattern. These are going to be 3-stitch buttonholes.
(6) The remaining stitch gets replaced to the left-hand needle.
(7) Now, using a second, double-point needle, work the I-cord without attaching it to the sweater front.
(8) Begin attaching the I-cord again after working the same number of rows unattached as stitches bound off along the edge. The buttonhole is complete! Watch this instructional knitting video and learn how to make buttonhole on an I-cord.

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