How To: Make a crochet 8 petal loopy flower

Make a crochet 8 petal loopy flower

Doing a hobby such as crochet usually offers no instant gratification - in fact, that's probably why we have this stereotypical image of a grandma sitting in her rocking chair, knitting endless bunches of scarves for her grandkids for hours on end.

True, many crochet projects take a while to complete because of the complex stitching methods, but this particular project takes far less time and creates beautiful results.

Watch the video to learn how to crochet a loopy flower. You can use the flower to adorn scarves, mittens, or berets.

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Thank you so much for adding this video. Last week I made some flowers, but I could only crochet an outline of a flower. I was not able to figure out how to fill in each petal. Even with that issue, the flower did come out okay and did complete the baby had I crocheted. Again, thanks for sharing. I can't wait to watch more.

thanks for adding this video. its really too good nd very easy to make flower by using your instruction.
please add some more flower designs

thanks a lot

Thank you - it is almost therapeutic following your instructions :)

Thank you for sharing. I have not been able to sew for a bit. Finding the crochet videos has been a blessing. You are agood teacher.

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