How To: Make a crochet octagon granny Afghan for right handers

Make a crochet octagon granny Afghan for right handers

Triangles, squares, pentagons, and hexagons? Crocheting projects often sound a lot like geometry class, with basic shapes being the foundation of all your knitting projects, whether beginner or advanced.

If you've already mastered the aforementioned shapes, give yourself a fun challenge by learning how to knit an octagonal granny shape!

These octagons can be used as a basis for doilies or can even made into a huge octagon for a baby blanket. Mikey takes you one step further to introducing how to turn the shapes into full-sized Afgans! Check this out and get your crochet hook ready. When you complete this tutorial, you will be left with some fabulous ideas to "wow" your friends. This is the right handed version.

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