How To: Make a double-stitched switchback strap

Make a double-stitched switchback strap

If you've ever gone sailing, then you know that aside from knowing the tides, calculating the weather, and steering the ship, knowing how to tie different types of functional knots is one of the most important assets to maintaining a safe ship.

But you can also use these nautical knots in decorative ways as well.

Knot tying is not just for survival or keeping your boat in place, it can also be for pure decorative fun! This video shows a clear and step-by-step method of tying a double-stitched, switchback strap. A lovely little piece of work that's bound to impress.

The Double-Stitched Switchback Strap is the logical extension of the Stitched Switchback Strap. And, with the addition of a second cord, its now possible to add a second color.

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