How To: Make a fleece blanket with crocheted edges

Make a fleece blanket with crocheted edges

If you would like to crotchet around the edges of a fleece blanket you will need a fleece blanket, yarn and a hook. You will first need to clip holes in the blanket with a slip stitch blade. These wholes will distinguish where the crotchet chains will go around the fleece blanket. The slip stitch will leave you with holes so you can crochet around the blanket. You should do a foundation slip. Start by doing a slip stitch and pull your needle through the back and from the front complete the stitch slip. Next, do one chain, and do a single crotchet front to back through the hole and draw through. Always finish each single crotchet with one chain. Do this all the way around. Next to do the corner, you will roll under the blanket and continue with the single crotchet while rolling the edge. Now, you have completed making your fleece crocheted fleece blanket.

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