How to Make a half double crochet stitch

First of all you need to need to chain one more the amount of the stitches that you wish to complete. In this example you have to do six chains. So you have to do five half double crotchets. To begin first you have to yarn over once and then skip the first two stitches and then work into the third and then yarn over and then pull through the one. Now again yarn over and then pull through all three. Now again yarn over once and insert it through the next stitch and then pull through all three. Now you shall notice that you shall complete four half double crotchet in a row because of the extra chain stitches at the beginning and the one that you have skipped. Pull up and turn and count the first half double crotchets. After you have reached the end of the row then turn around and chain through. After this you have to skip the first half double crotchets and then go into the next and do it the yarn over pull through. That's it

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