How To: Make a holiday punch needle ornament

Make a holiday punch needle ornament

This video demonstrates how to make a holiday punch needle ornament. First choose an ornament design and fit cross stitch fabric to a small embroidery hoop. There are designs on the CyberSeams website that can be traced onto the fabric. Put the fabric with the traced design into the embroidery hoop, thread the needle, dial it to "2", and begin punching the needle through the fabric to make the design. You can choose embellishments that can be sewed or glued on. When the design is finished, remove the embroidery hoop and measure the design for backing material. You can write a message on the backing material if you like. Line up the backing with the fabric and trace around the outside, making the fabric a little larger. Glue or stitch the backing on, put a ribbon or loop at the top, trim around the lines, and fray the edges of the fabric. By following these instructions, you can make a pretty homemade ornament.

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