How To: Make an Infinity Scarf/Circle Scarf

Make an Infinity Scarf/Circle Scarf

Circle or infinity scarves became really popular this year, and this little how-to shows you how to knit one up yourself. Knit 1, perl two. You can do it! Follow the steps and fight that cold neck feeling!

Ever wanted to pick up an awesome AA Circle Scarf, but didn't wanna spend $25? This is a VERY basic sewing tutorial on how to make your very own infinity/circle scarf! It's very fun & its a great winter item that everyone could use right now! You can use whatever material you like & mix & match patterns as well! I hope you learn something & try it out & enjoy the video! ;)

2 yards of fabric 10 inches wide & about 44 inches long

You need:
2 yards of fabric, scissors, pins, sewing machine

*If you are only using one type of fabric for the scarf then you can cut one long strip 88 inches long, or you can do how I did in this video & cut 2 sets of 44 inch pieces of fabric & sew them together.

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