How To: Master the knitting technique short-row shaping

Master the knitting technique short-row shaping

Watch this video demonstration of the knitting technique short row shaping. In traditional knitting shoulder shaping, stitches are bound off across the top edge of the shoulder on sequential rows, creating a stair-step line. It can be difficult to make a neat job of seaming this shoulder line. Short-row shaping provides the same slope, but creates an even line across the top edge to facilitate a neater finish.

I'm going demonstrate wrapping and turning, and then knitting in the wrap on the final row.

I'll knit to the last 5 stitches, stopping short of the end of the row (hence the name of this technique), wrap a stitch, turn, and purl back.

Wrapping the stitch prevents a hole when the short-row shaping is complete.
You'll need to follow directions in the pattern to know where to stop each row and how many rows to include.

The process is completed by knitting a final row, across all stitches, knitting in the wraps with their corresponding stitches. Hope this knitting instructional video helps your knitting techniques!

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