How To: Perform a knitted bind-off on the right of your work

Perform a knitted bind-off on the right of your work

The video shows us how to perform a knitted bind-off on the right side of your work. It is recommended to use a cross hair hook for the right hand needle to make it easier but here is used with the normal needles. Firstly you need to knit the first few stitches and using the left needle take the first stitch and pull it over the second stitch. Then you knit it and again pull the first stitch over it. It is repeated in the same pattern till then end of all the stitches are knit. And after knitting the last stitch, instead of pulling the first stitch over the previous stitch transfer both the stitches back to the left hand needle. The reason for doing so is because it helps the corner from puckering too much at the end which is what tends to happen if you go all the way to the end in the same pattern. then after transferring both the stitches to the left hand needle pull the last stitch over to the second to last stitch and then use a cross hair hook and go into that stitch and let the work going through that stitch. And pull that to tighten it and then it is cut leaving 8-10 stitches so that you can weave it later. After cutting it off pull it tills the end so that it locks the end.

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