How To: Set up a Singer LK 100 knitting machine

Set up a Singer LK 100 knitting machine

Hand-knitting can be so time consumptive. Knitting machines are great for simple projects that don't require a lot of detail. Watch this video knitting tutorial and learn how to set up and use a Singer LK 100 knitting machine.

(1) Part 1 of 2 - How to Set up a Singer LK 100 knitting machine, (2) Part 2 of 2 - How to Set up a Singer LK 100 knitting machine

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I think you might need to replace the sponge bar. If the machine has been sitting unused for so long, it's probably not good anymore. The carriage should glide more smoothly, without the needles jumping up. I appreciate being able to see how to thread it; it's quite different than my LK150!

Knitting machines aren't necessarily for making simpler projects... they are more complex industrial machines that can be used for making more complicated projects.

i have just bought this knitting machine (used). I am trying to get it to work and have a problem. It tells me to set the 30 middle needles to b to set the tension and then pass over it and back. When I do this I do not get pass the first 5 needles and it gets stuck and will not i doing something wrong or it is broken?:(
please help me if you can...thank you:(

unfortunately i didn't make the video, i just submitted it to wonderhowto. if you have a question for the creator, try contacting him via his youtube channel.

i too have the same problem..... did you ever get it figured out??

thanx a lot rmansur and i am sorrrry :))))

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