How To: Tie off the end of your crochet project so it does not unravel

Tie off the end of your crochet project so it does not unravel

You've finished your very first crochet project! Congratulations! But now how do you tie off the yarn in such a way as to keep the whole thing from unraveling? This video demonstrates a simple and easy technique to finish your project and keep it together.

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Thank you so much for the demo of ending a circle. I've wanted to make invisible joins for years and now I know how. Just tried it and its beautiful!

Hi! That was a great tutorial, but I am still having issues! I usually do it the first way that you showed, but the knots either end up loosing up or coming undone... no matter how tight i pull it :( Also, when i tuck the ends back through whatever im making.. i ALWAYS see the end of the yarn poking out from between the stitches. Ill try to cut the end of the yarn off that is sticking out, but then it just sticks out the previous stitch! Help! lol, I know I MUST be doing something wrong, but I cant figure out what :(

The first way works, but (for me) it only works if you have tight rows of single chains, if you have looser stitches or patterns with chains and empty spots, it fails. Take another look at the way she weaves it in on the circle. I find it helps to leave longer strings to work with, to weave it in and out of the stitches, and to change direction often. Then when you cut it, it is more likely to stay put. Good luck!

First video that i have watched that actually helped me. I feel like i actually learned something. Thank you.

Thank you so much for this much need information

You are awesome…I've never seen the 2nd way done before and I LOVE it. Thanks!

How to do a Back post cluster in crochet

What if you don't know if the tail was tied off? I have a piece that someone else did and instead of weaving two colors on the pinwheel through the work, she continued just alternating the yarns leaving the yarn exposed on the backside of the piece. To me, I would say she didn't knot them. If I cut the short ends how can I guarantee that the yarn won't unravel? This is an heirloom piece and want to try to pass it on but I'm afraid it will come undone.

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