How To: Turn a 5" crochet headband into a beanie hat

Turn a 5" crochet headband into a beanie hat

This video shows you how to turn a 5" crochet headband into a beanie hat.
#1 Gather your supplies-embroidery floss, 5 1/2" crochet headband, needle and scissors.
#2 Start by turning the headband inside out.
#3 Tie a knot with the embroidery thread on the top loop next to the seam. (Leave about 3 inches before the knot.)
#4 Thread the needle with about 8 inches of thread.
#5 Begin by looping the needle through the loops at the top of the headband. (Always bring the thread up and over, looping the thread from the outside in, continuing until you loop through the beginning loop.)
#6 Remove the needle and pull the thread tight. Keeping the thread tight, knot the end with the 3inches that are before the end of the knot. Do this 3 times.
#7 Trim the floss leaving about 2 inches of the thread.
#8 Turn right side out and you have yourself a little beanie.

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