How To: Weave in loose ends when knitting

Weave in loose ends when knitting

This is a video on how to weave in ends on kniting. First take two ends at a time, tie the new color and a half not around the current working color, and tie them. The thread the end onto the yarn needle, and go througha few of the yarn stitches. Next give it a little pull to make sure nothings coming loose. Go up to the next yarn ends, and do the same thing. What you have to make sure you do is weave the yarn through light colors. Also make sure the knots are secure, and are not going to come loose. Make half a knot on every one because it will be stretching. Then you repeat the same steps all the way up. Make sure there are no loose stiches, find the matching colors on the back, make sure there are no bumps. And there you have it, how to weave in ends on knitting!

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