News: Blow Into a Straw, Knit a Sock

Blow Into a Straw, Knit a Sock

Showcased at Mediamatic, the "Untitled Sock Project" is a knitting machine hack by Luís Brandaõ, Fábio Costa, Sean Follmer, and Pol Pla:

"By blowing into straws, visitors contribute to the creation of a knitted sock. Depending on how hard they blow and which straw they blow into, the sock will be knit faster and the thread will be colored with different pigments. The result will be a collaboratively knit sock with a unique color pattern."

Inspired? Get started with CRAFT's tutorial (a supplement to Ladyada's knitting machine hacking tutorial) on hacking the Brother KH-930e to knit any any digital pattern you can conceive of:

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Well that is really neato.

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