News: DIY LED Carpet-Light

DIY LED Carpet-Light

For the craftsters & LED lovers, great idea by Johanna Hyrkas. The LED carpet-light: a simple, yet novel DIY project. A single strand of LEDs is encased in a knit tube; the knit tube is wound together to form a carpet. Brush up on your knitting skills, and get creative.

DIY LED Carpet-Light

DIY LED Carpet-Light

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Is there a free knit pattern for this Led lighted rug?

It doesnt give any specific directions for this rug?...are there directions??

Just use single crochet

First round is without the light, and in the second or third to fourth round you start working around the lightstrand.. I'm almost done with my first using parachute cord. Going to make two more for gifts with cotton yarn this time.

First of all, this is crochet, not knitting. Secondly, just find a pattern for spiral crochet and do this around the LED strand. First round is without the light, and in the second round you start working around the lightstrand. You might like to make some t-shirt yarn for this, and use a HUGE crochet hook.

Thank you! Knit and Crochet are two very different beasts, folks. All you need is sturdy rope yarn, aprox size N hook, and a generic spiral pattern, like the top of a hat. Its done in single crochet around in the picture

1st round with out light?? Chain how many? Don't understand that.TY

First of all, thank you. Secondly, you should offer free classes to us novice "crochetters" (made up that word). :)

No, it is the I-cord knit on double pointed needles, the photo does look like crochet.

Yes! It is crocheted. You crochet around it, probably with a large plastic hook.

Would love to do this, but how do you make it work? I wouldn't want a cord across a room, any other way?

I just ran across this LED crocheted rug. You can get solar LED strands. Good Luck!

That might be clothesline. Would you hang it on the wall? Or put it under a table? You sure could not step on it.

I would LOVE to know how to do this and make tree skirts for my Christmas leaving a hole in the middle you could slip it over the stand then insert the tree. I need to know how to start this project, where to get the big yarn...any help would be great!!!

Try just using clothesline for starters. You could get some cheap at a dollar store, dye it yourself for Christmas if desired, then go!

try the first few rounds of this free pattern,

and for a hole just leave enough extra chains at the beginning as a tail, enough to fit around your stand/trunk. I'm not sure if it would be loose enough to drape over your tree stand, its not that type of project. In that case, I would get a lot of yarn and stitch a lot of increases. It might just be too stiff.

I did read some where that you just need to know how to crochet a spiral and integrate the lights. And you can use light rope, felt, and other things.

crocheting a spiral? you seriously have to ask for a pattern to do that? you do it like you would do a circle but in sc and instead of joining you just single crochet into the top of the stitch and keep going. as for not putting the light in the first round, thats because its too tight a circle and will break the rope light. as for having a cord across the room...use it as a bedside rug for a child, maybe on a timer, then you can hide the cord under the bed. also then you can be sure the rugs not on too long. maybe set the timer for an hour, long enough to ease the child to sleep. you could use multicolored rope lights for christmas tree skirts

Great to make for travel. Hotel bathroom nightlight rug. Anybody know about actually stepping on it though?

I got this in regards to stepping on the lights...

Hi Susan,

The LED rope lights are quite durable. Stepping on them occasionally will not harm them, however, we do not recommend that they be placed in a high traffic area where they'll get walked on repeatedly. That could cause problems with the wiring.

Thanks surely doing this for the holidays

It would be so nice if someone could give instructions on how to start this crocheted tube rug. How many single chains do you start with? Why can't someone especially the person that came up with this awesome idea give simple instructions, would love to make one of these rugs for Christmas. I know how to crochet but wouldn't know where to begin doing this around tube lighting. Can someone out there help us all out. I have looked for instruction every where and find nothing. Instructions would be greatly appreciated and what size hook do you use and what type of yarn? Thank you

I would love to see a video on how to do this and they aren't showing how to finish it off. I did see a picture tat some one showed scalloped edges but I don't see the finished product here. A pattern would be nice

You rock Carmen!! Your instructions are wonderful and I can't wait to learn how to crochet, as this is going to be my first project!

Thank you Cassandra! If you run into any trouble, please feel free to leave a reply on my blog, and I'll help you :)

Hey Carmen,
I'm new to this blog but I am excited to make this. My daughter in law asked if I could make to crochet

thank you Carmen, looked every where to share this with friend's, with no luck, till I came across your post. sharing your link, :)

Carmen, Thank you so much! My mom was looking for a pattern for this. She isn't new to crochet either, but doesn't have time (or patience) for trial and error. We both appreciate your time and effort in creating this tutorial!

Led crochet round rug:

I cannot find the textile / fabric cord. I have looked at Joanna, Micheal and hobby lobby, on line and at the stores. Please help would like to begin making these for charity Christmas drive.

Looks like an Alpaca or Merino or some fancy yarn of some sort.

I have been working with Bernat Blanket yarn, it is really thick and soft. I am betting that this yarn would work great with it. The yarn also comes in a bunch of colors as well. I am going to try it with that yarn and see how well it works.

I found an old article that says the project was crocheted and gives how it came about Strange that the description above would mention knit several times and even tells you to get out your Knitting skills. The article says ... from her concept of combining a lamp and carpet that ..."The result is a light rope inside of a crocheted case made with any kind of suitable thread. Thanks Carmen... :-) for making this project possible.

Here is a link to probably the best and only in depth article you may find on Johanna and this project. It's and interview with her I think from 2013 in "Tomorrow's Flooring" It talks in depth of why it was created, her issues with suitable lighting and how the project was dormant for 9 years before constant inquiries sparked her to re-visit the project. By this time safer lighting was design, which enabled her to finally make this project available to the public. The article doesn't say if she crochet or knitted. It does say she uses 100% wool yarn and 24V lighting. This looks like the yarn used in her project

These puppies sell for $700 (hey she's an established Finnish artist)


Would this rug be suitable for a bathroom?

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