News: Knit - with Ramen noodles & chopsticks

Knit - with Ramen noodles & chopsticks

Ramen. The staple of every boho and college dorm dweller has a new application. This DIY from Carissa Browing appeals to hipsters, foodies and craftsters, alike.

Delightful. Take a 50-cent pack of Ramen. Boil, drain, dry. Now, channel your inner Martha Stewart. It's time to knit something sweet, err... nutritious!

Think about it. What do Ramen and Knitting have in common?

A meandering pattern.Long-stemmed sticks.Invented over 3,000 years ago. ¹Limited vitamins and minerals.

Knit a basic purl stitch with ramen noodles

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i allways wanted to make a noodle jumper :)

woohoo real spaghetti straps at last!

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