How To: Do the Same Stitch on Different Sized Knitting Needles

Do the Same Stitch on Different Sized Knitting Needles

A fun thing to do in knitting is to experiment by trying the same stitch on different sizes of needles.  A thin yarn knitted on a small sized needle will look totally different than a thin yarn on a medium sized needle.  On the small needle the stitches will be tight.  On a medium sized needle they will be looser and more lacy.  If you knit it on a large sized needle it will look even more different and, in fact, very holey.

Try it to see what different looks you get, and then decide what you want to make.  This technique is great for scarves.  By using the same yarn, the same stitch, but different sized needles you can make many scarves and they will all look different.  Give it a try and have fun with it.

Watch this video for examples of the same stitch on different sized needles

Click here for a tutorial on making the lace-like stitch featured in the video above.

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