How To: Knit a Seed and Garter Stitch Potholder

Knit a Seed and Garter Stitch Potholder

Potholders are a good way to practice stitches and they make great gifts.  Here's a nice seed and garter stitch potholder to make.  You need to know only two stitches for this project - the GARTER STITCH  and the SEED STITCH. Photo below is my potholder  in progress.  The white thread down the middle is my stitch marker.


How to Knit a Seed & Garter Stitch Potholder

Step 1 Cast on the number of stitches you want for your potholder.

Step 2 Knit to half way across the row.

Step 3 Place a stitch marker on the needle.

Step 4 Knit in Seed Stitch until the end of the row.

Step 5 Turn the work around.

Step 6 Continue knitting this pattern until the potholder is half as long as you want.

Step 7 Reverse the stitches. 

Knitting Garter Stitch over the Seed Stitch half, and the Seed Stitch over the Garter Stitch half.

Step 8 Bind off and weave the tails in.

Step 9 Watch the videos for a demonstration.


  • To learn how to do the garter stitch, check out this article.
  • To learn how to knit a seed stitch, check out this article.

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