How To: Crochet a Christmas holiday tree

Crochet a Christmas holiday tree

Place slip knot on hook. Hold yarn taut with 2 sets of 2 of fingers placed about 1½" apart, with tail in other hand. Create loop that crosses over bottom of 1st strand with loop toward right side. Fold loop over main strand going past tail. Insert hook below at tail strand. Pull up a loop using main strand for this loop. Pull 2 ends of yarn taut while leaving slip knot on hook. In 1st chain work 1 single crochet. Skip 2 chains; work 1 double crochet in 4thchain. Picot stitch by chaining 3 & attaching chain 3 section with slip stitch to top stitch in double crochet stitch. In same chain work double crochet & picot stitch. Repeat thrice. Skip 2 chains. Single crochet next chain. Double crochet; picot stitch while joining picot stitch to top of each double crochet stitch 5 times. Skip 2 chains, double crochet, picot, join with stitch slip stitch in top of double crochet; repeat 5 times, skip 2 chains; single crochet in next stitch for 1st shell. Skip 2 chains, double crochet in 3rd stitch, picot, join with slip stitch to top of double crochet, repeat 5 times. Chain 2 & single crochet next stitch. Complete chain in shells. Fasten. With 2nd shade, make slip knot. Create shell stitches across. Skip 2 chains & single crochet in next chain completed shell. Thread needle with excess yarn tails; weave into crocheted piece. Weave for an inch; clip tail with scissors. Finish completed shell strips this way. Line up 1st color horizontally to bottom of foam; attach end with floral pin. With 2nd color, go above 1st color anchored on bottom of cone, offset from 1st color & attach 1 end to foam cone with floral pin. Wind both colors around cone securing each with pin every so often. At beginning escalate 2 rows up slightly angled; keep wrapping around cone while securing each color intermittently with pins until top of cone is reached. If crochet shell strips are too short, crochet a strip of 50 chain stitches to be worked in shell stitch. Once cone is covered adjust pins.

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