How To: Knit a scarf for yourself this winter

Knit a scarf for yourself this winter

Stay warm this winter with your own "MIY" (make it yourself) scarf! Learn to knit a scarf for a relaxing pastime and to engage in a constructive and creative activity.

You Will Need:
• An 8-ounce skein of four-ply yarn
• No. 10 knitting needles
• Time

Step 1: Make a slipknot
Set the yarn to one side, holding a needle in your right hand. Make a slipknot, and loop onto the needle without tightening the knot. Leave a short tail hanging off.

Step 2: Cast on
Cast on. Hold one needle in one hand. Grab the yarn with your other hand, and wrap the yarn around your index finger, crossing the yarn at the base of your finger. Slide the needle through this loop and off your finger, tightening the stitch.

Step 3: Repeat stitches for width
Repeat this process until you have set the width for your scarf.

Step 4: Switch sides
Transfer the needle, with the stitches, to your left hand. Pass the needle in your right hand through the first loop, going under the left needle.

Step 5: Knit
Wrap the yarn under, and then over, the right needle, guiding the yarn with your right index finger. Slide the yarn through the stitch on the left needle, pulling that new stitch onto the right needle.

Step 6: Build rows
Repeat until all the stitches on the left have been moved to the right. Switch hands with the needles and build another row. Continue until you reach the scarf length. Count your stitches every few rows to make sure you haven't accidentally added any, or the width of your scarf will change.

Step 7: Finish the scarf
Knit the first two stitches to finish your scarf. Pull the first stitch over the second and off of the needle. Knit the next stitch and repeat on the left. Pull the first stitch over the second and off of the right needle.

Step 8: Bind the edge
Repeat until the edge is bound. Cut the yarn, leaving about four inches hanging, pull this through the last stitch, and knot it.

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